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From Adam Young <>
Subject Re: Preloading Forms
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2001 19:34:07 GMT
If I were to implmenet what you suggest below, I would need to be able 
to chain actions.  
Basically we are implmenting the wizard type setup

search->search results->page1->page2 etc.

So search results would go to would forward to 
page1.jsp?  That would work.  

To address the flexibility, there are two ways.  One, use a different 
name for the prefilledform than for the non prefilled form.  Two have a 
flad in the action entry that specifies whether to use the factory or not.

The more I think about it, the more I think the showAction specified 
below is the way to go.  Keeps it simple.

Oleg V Alexeev wrote:

>Hello Adam,
>Tuesday, July 17, 2001, 9:37:21 PM, you wrote:
>AY> One part of Struts where I'd like to do some additions is to form 
>AY> initialization.  Most of the form Objects I have require prepopulation 
>AY> out of EJBs.  What I'd like to do is specify for a form anothe object 
>AY> that is the factory for that form, and values for properties of the 
>AY> factory that should be set before creating the form.
>AY> in Struts config:
>AY>  <struts-config>
>AY>   <form-beans>
>AY>     <form-bean
>AY>       name="caretoolSearchForm"
>AY>       factory="caretoolSearchFormFactory"/>
>AY> etc:
>AY> <form-factories>
>AY>    <form-factory
>AY>        name="caretoolSearchFormFactory"
>AY>        class="com.getcare.caretool.SearchFormFactory" />
>AY> etc:
>AY> Then
>AY> public interface ActionFormFactory {
>AY> public ActionForm create();
>AY> }
>AY> Is there a better way to go about doing this?  Am i reinventing the 
>AY> wheel?     
>Simple way to do such task is to perform form populating in Action
>       path="/searchFormShow"
>       type="com.action.SearchFormShow"
>       name="caretoolSearchForm">
> <forward name="form" path="/WEB-INF/jsp/caretoolSearchForm.jsp"/>
>Place your call to the EJB in com.action.SearchFormShow action class,
>create and fill form, store it in appropriate context and forward to
>the 'form' forward - all values will be prepopulated.
>May be your idea about automatic form prepopulating is good... I think
>it needs to be more flexible in factory<->form link, because of form
>can be used with different actions and prepopulating sometimes is not

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