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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: /contrib
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2001 02:19:07 GMT
Thanks, Rob. I just found it as I was going back through the CVS

Since we're probably going to have a 1.0.1 release before 1.1, I've made
that release-notes-1.0.1.xml and added a just plain release-notes.xml
for the nightly release (which should become 1.1). 

So anything committed to the 1_0_BRANCH should be reflected in
release-notes.1.0.1.xml and anything committed to the HEAD should be
reflected in release-notes.xml. 

The beta release notes will be linked in through release-notes-1.0 and
so forth, but I'm removing them from the project menu to keep the
clutter down ;-)

If that makes sense to everyone ...

Robert Leland wrote:
> I placed a Release notes 1.0-ms1 under doc about a 2 weeks ago,
> for the 1.0X release.

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