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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: /contrib
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2001 00:49:19 GMT
I just added a contrib directory to the main repository. This would be
a  good place to upload the working copies of the packages we are
working on, including David's validator, Oleg's bean factory, and
Cedric's components. 

If you all can add your contributions under this directory, it would
help us get started on whatever refactoring and other work is needed. 

Other code contributed to the Struts can also be uploaded here by a
committer, so long as it carries the Apache software license. 

I'm also going to start a release notes page for the nightly build
(HEAD) and for Struts 1.x (the 1.0_BRANCH), and backfill what we have
committed thus far. Since we're in 1.0 now, I'll also remove the release
notes for the beta's (since these would be available in the
distributions themselves, if anyone is still interested).


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