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From Oleg V Alexeev <>
Subject Re[2]: Struts 1.1 To-Do - RowSets
Date Sun, 08 Jul 2001 09:41:06 GMT
Hello Ted,

 I try to use your RowSet wrapper as iterator for logic:iterate and
 all is ok (I use CachedRowSet though for disconnected RowSet
 implementation). To show values from RowSet I use bean:write tags -

 <bean:write name="rows" property="object[2]"/>

 Of course it is not so usable to place column indexes to the
 attribute value, but 'named' property support can be great
 enhancement to PropertyUtils and so -

 <bean:write name="rows" property="object[category]"/>

 I think its enough to give page developer ability to read values from
 rowset. And more - 'named' properties support is really forthcoming
 feature in struts.

Best regards,

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