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From Oleg V Alexeev <>
Subject Re[2]: Indexed tags - proposal to add changes
Date Sat, 07 Jul 2001 06:03:25 GMT
Hello dhay,

Link tag must build name of some parameter on base of index value or
use it as separate parameter (I agree with you... 8) )

<html:link forward="news" paramName="sell" parampProperty="when"
paramId="whenSell" includeIndex="yes"></html:index>

with result as - http://.../[30]


<html:link forward="news" name="bean" property="linkMap"
includeIndex="yes" indexId="myIndex"></html:link>

with result as - http://.../

Friday, July 06, 2001, 10:10:33 PM, you wrote:

dlc> Oleg,

dlc> Hi.  Agree that the link tag is different, but think that it is due to its
dlc> nature!  Unlike the other tags, adding index as a query param seems to me the
dlc> only reasonable way to provide access to the index in the link.  Not sure how
dlc> else to do it (if you try and use name, obviously you change the link into an
dlc> anchor!).

dlc> If you (or anyone else) has any suggestions to handle it in a better way would
dlc> like to hear them - maybe I missed something!

dlc> Cheers,

dlc> Dave

dlc> Oleg V Alexeev <> on 07/06/2001 01:47:47

dlc> Please respond to; Please
dlc>       respond to Oleg V Alexeev <>

dlc> To:
dlc> cc:    (bcc: David Hay/Lex/Lexmark)
dlc> Subject:  Re: Indexed tags - proposal to add changes

dlc> Hello dhay,

dlc> I think it useful addition with minimal changes of existing code -
dlc> good solution. But there is one problem for my mind - html:link with
dlc> index=x. All another tag proposals are simple and transparent.

dlc> Friday, July 06, 2001, 9:31:21 PM, you wrote:

dlc>> Hi everyone.

dlc>> I have been posting to the user list for some time now regarding creating
dlc>> indexed names within an iterate tag.   From feedback from that list, this
dlc> seems
dlc>> to be an important addition to the current tags.

dlc>> While looking to write my own additional tags which would do this (eg
dlc>> html:indexedText etc), I discovered that this functionality could easily be
dlc>> added to the current tags, now that the getIndex() method is available, by
dlc>> creating an extra parameter 'indexed' which when set to true would create
dlc> the
dlc>> indexed names.  The necessary additions to current code were small and
dlc> quite
dlc>> clean, as follows:

dlc>> - added 'indexed' as a parameter in BaseHandlerTag, with appropriate
dlc>> setter/getter
dlc>> - added if statement which checks for 'indexed=true', and if so, appends
dlc> "[x]"
dlc>> to the name, before appending property eg myProperty[x].value.
dlc>>   This was added to BaseFieldTag (to cover tags which extend this) and
dlc>> CheckBoxTag, & SelectTag
dlc>>  as follows:
dlc>>    //if "indexed=true" parameter, create indexed name for this tag eg
dlc>> name="myCollection[x].myproperty"
dlc>>    if ("true".equals(indexed))
dlc>>    {
dlc>>       // look for outer iterate tag
dlc>>       IterateTag iterateTag = (IterateTag) findAncestorWithClass(this,
dlc>> IterateTag.class);
dlc>>       if (iterateTag == null)
dlc>>       {
dlc>>          // this tag should only be nested in iteratetag, if it's not,
dlc> don't do
dlc>> anything
dlc>>          return EVAL_PAGE;
dlc>>       }

dlc>>       results.append(getName());
dlc>>       results.append("[");
dlc>>       results.append(iterateTag.getIndex());
dlc>>       results.append("].");
dlc>>    }

dlc>> - Slight variations were added to SubmitTag and ButtonTag to simply add
dlc> index to
dlc>> it's name ie mySubmit[x].
dlc>> - linkTag was somewhat different due to its nature.  I added if statement
dlc> to add
dlc>> "index=x" as a parameter to the link's querystring  ie
dlc> or
dlc>>, as follows:
dlc>>         //if "indexed=true", add "index=x" parameter to query string
dlc>>         if ("true".equals(indexed))
dlc>>         {
dlc>>            // look for outer iterate tag
dlc>>            IterateTag iterateTag = (IterateTag) findAncestorWithClass(this,
dlc>> IterateTag.class);
dlc>>            if (iterateTag == null)
dlc>>            {
dlc>>                // this tag should only be nested in iteratetag, if it's
dlc> not,
dlc>> don't do anything
dlc>>               System.out.println("couldn't find enclosing iterate tag");
dlc>>               return EVAL_PAGE;
dlc>>            }

dlc>>            //calculate index, and add as a parameter
dlc>>            if (params == null)
dlc>>            {
dlc>>                params = new HashMap();             //create new HashMap if
dlc> no
dlc>> other params
dlc>>            }
dlc>>            params.put("index", "" + iterateTag.getIndex());
dlc>>         }
dlc>> - minimal changes to struts-html.tld to add 'indexed' as param.

dlc>> All of this code has been available at Ted's site for a while, and I would
dlc> like
dlc>> to suggest it is added to the Struts source.  Numerous people are already
dlc> using
dlc>> it, and I believe many more would if it was part of the build.

dlc>> Would appreciate your feedback, and not sure what happens next (just joined
dlc> this
dlc>> list)!

dlc>> Cheers,

dlc>> Dave

dlc>> PS  code attached(See attached file: struts indexed files.ZIP)

dlc> --
dlc> Best regards,
dlc>  Oleg                  

Best regards,

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