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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Struts 1.0 (Final) Released
Date Sat, 16 Jun 2001 17:55:06 GMT
I put together something in a press release format to distribute to my
local Java Users Group, et cetera. 



(June 15, 2001) The production release of Struts 1.0, an open source
framework for building Web applications, is now available for download
at Struts encourages application architectures based
on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern and provides services common
to most Web applications. Struts helps developers deploy products that
are reliable, scaleable, and easier to maintain. 

The Struts framework offers services in three primary areas: 

* A controller servlet to dispatch requests to specific Action classes
(provided by the application developer). 

* JSP custom tags to help developers create interactive form-based

* Utility classes for XML parsing, automatic JavaBean population, and
internationalization of prompts and messages. 

In addition to the Struts official distribution, several third-party
libraries are already available, which offer enhanced support for JSP
templates, HTML form validation, and automatic JavaBean creation. Struts
has also been integrated with the Expresso Framework distributed by
JCorporate Ltd. (

Struts can be used with a J2EE Application server to deploy distributed
applications, but will run under any compliant Servlet container
(Servlet API 2.2+, JSP 1.1+), including Tomcat 3.2 or later. In fact,
Struts is already used as an informal compliance test for Java Servlet
containers and J2EE Application servers. 

The Struts project was founded in May 2000 by Craig McClanahan.
McClanahan is also the lead developer of Tomcat 4.0, Sun's reference
implementation for Java Servlet and ServerPage containers. Both Tomcat
and Struts are open source available under the Apache Software License,
and may be downloaded at 

Twenty-six independant developers contributed to the creation of Struts
1.0, with the help of over a thousand subscribers to the Struts mailing


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