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From Matthias Bauer <>
Subject Re: Work flow RFC
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2001 08:54:23 GMT
Ted Husted wrote:

> Do you think it might be possible for this model to support some type of
> bookmark ?
> I'm thinking of places where we want to start one procedure, but cope
> with the user going off and doing something else, and then coming back
> to the procedure later. Examples would be looking up related records, or
> logging in from any given page, and then being returned back to that
> page. Or, a generic confirmation page that could proceed to one forward
> or another depending on the response. 

I have never tried to handle this in a generic way. In cases where I had to do 
things like that, I did the checks manually in the action's performAction method 
by checking if the user is in the right state.

I keep the state information needed for that, in a state object which is 
application dependent.

> Have you ever tried changing mappings dynamically?

No I didn't but shouldn't it be pretty easy to do?

--- Matthias

> Matthias Bauer wrote:
>>Hi everybody,
>>there is a mail I already sent to this list with another subject, because
>>somebody asked for it.
>>There is some very simple extension to Struts which I implemented, because I
>>needed to have at least a minimum workflow support.
>>Maybe you want to check out this little extension and reuse at least some of the
>>Here is the mail text I am talking about. I also attached the files again.
>>--- Matthias

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