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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: Client/Server Side Validation for Struts 1.1
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2001 16:12:53 GMT
We're not only talking just about language now, we're talking about
validating things like telephone numbers and postal codes based where
the user is located, regardless of what language they prefer. Michael's
example was a Spanish-speaking resident in the US, who might be in the
ES locale as to language, but would be in the US location as to
telephone and postal code. I run into this myself, since we are on the
Canadian border. We share the same telephone format but different postal
codes. So, during validation we need more granularity than what is
usually associated with locales. 

Perhaps some applications need two "locale" settings, one for language
preference and another for location, and our validation routines may
need to be written to recognize that.

Jonathan wrote:
> I am still confused as to why this is all an issue if the user can select
> the languange of their choice.  If it is an automatic thing, like if the
> server is reading the preferred language strings in the header, then maybe
> you have an issue becuase the Local is not selected by the user.  It boils
> down to what language the user wants to see the pages displayed in.  Check
> out the following sites:
> In each case the user SELECTS the language of choice.

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