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From David Winterfeldt <>
Subject Re: Extending the scope of the struts validation
Date Sat, 23 Jun 2001 19:18:22 GMT
I'm intersted in seeing the code too.  If my
validation framework does more, maybe we can make them
work in tandem.  

I've actually been working on making the validation
framework work independant of Struts.  A friend of
mine wants to be able to configure a different set of
rules just to run on an EJB layer.  The work is going
well.  I need to test it a little bit, but I'm hoping
to post the update by the end of the weekend.


--- Ted Husted <> wrote:
> Personally, I'm probably +1 on all of this, though
> it's hard to be sure
> until the code is on the table ;-)
> A very good approach, regardless of whether you want
> to offer it to
> Struts or to the Commons, is to setup a portal page
> someplace, as David,
> Oleg, and Cedric have done. You could always post
> what you have now, and
> update the rest as soon as you are able. (Release
> early, release often
> ;-)
> It's very good news that you were able to persuade
> your company to make
> this public. I believe a validation framework is
> something the Java
> community can really use right now.
> I also like the stance that this is something that
> we can use in Struts
> AND ELSEWHERE, since a focal point of a framework
> like Struts should be
> to allow as much code as possible to be shared with
> other environments.
> Frangois Rey wrote:
> > If the interest is there, I can submit the code
> (although I'd prefer waiting another week to finish
> some doc). But I don't think it should be within the
> Struts project. I also don't think the strutsx would
> be an ideal place either because as I said it does
> not depend on Struts, only a bit now because the
> PropertyUtils and Digester are still part of Struts.
> I'm more thinking of the Jarakta commons since it is
> more generic in nature and is has been built on top
> of things that will be transferred into the Jakarta
> commons. The other reason why it is better placed in
> the commons is because it is actually a generic
> validate/convert/transfer framework which can also
> have an interesting value for other types of
> applications, not only for web developement. For
> example it could be used in a file handler in order
> to validate each record and produce a message object
> so be sent to a backend. With the ability to
> generate code out of the configuration file,
> performance would be improved !
> by  avoiding reflection and could be used for server
> applications with higher performance requirements.
> Again lots of things an open source community can

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