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From "Martin Cooper" <>
Subject Re: New name for Components / Extended Templates?
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2001 19:32:32 GMT
I think it would be a good idea to change the name now. That will reflect
its incorporation as part of Struts, and I also agree with your reasons for
not using "components" or "templates".

Some other suggestions might be "elements" (although this might have a
similar problem to "components"), "braces" (a play on the "struts" theme),
or "bricks".

Of the names you suggested, my pick would be "blocks". The other two have
the same problems as you mentioned for "components" and "templates".

Martin Cooper

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From: "Cedric Dumoulin" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 9:49 AM
Subject: New name for Components / Extended Templates?

>   Components / Extended Templates framework will be added to Struts
> shortly.
>   It is now the last chance to rename this framework if necessary.
> Primary idea of the framework was to allow building of JSP pages by
> assembling reusable pieces of code, called blocks or components. One of
> the aims is to provide a library of easily reusable components (like
> standard layouts, but also reusable menus, common login form, shopping
> card, ...).
>   Templating mechanism is naturally done with the framework, but
> framework can also provide a starting point for reusable components.
>   So what's wrong with name "components" ? Component is a broad term in
> English, and it may be confusing when people talk about Struts
> components in general. So maybe we should change actual Components
> framework name.
>   Why not renaming "Components" to "templates" ? Framework allow more
> than templating, If we call it "templates", I am afraid that people
> identify framework
> with only the template mechanism, missing the ability to define reusable
> piece of pages. Also, this would break the actual templates
> implementation.
>   After discussions with Ted Husted,  we propose following alternatives
> :
>  Framework name                     package name
>  JSP pieces / Extended Templates
>    (as a play on Java Faces ;-)     jsp-pieces or pieces
>  JSP Blocks                         jsp-blocks or blocks
>  Dynamic Templates                  templates
>   My preference goes to (JSP pieces / Extended Templates), jsp-pieces.
>   I need your opinion on this renaming :
>    * Do we really need to do it ? (A lot of peoples already use
>      components. This could lead to troubles)
>    * Which name do you prefer / propose ?
>     Cedric

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