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From "Rapheal Kaplan" <>
Subject RE: XSL instead of JSP
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 20:26:38 GMT
	I intend to try to implement a way of using Cocoon with Struts.  It should
actually not be extraordinarily hard.  Has anyone else done something

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From: Nestel, Frank []
Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2001 9:47 AM
To: ''
Subject: AW: XSL instead of JSP


initially I thought struts would be the answer to our web design
needs, but then we decided how strongly it was tied to JSP. We are
now using a primive framework which is somewhat inspired by struts,
but much more simpleminded, which uses XSL as a renderer. We have a
central servlet which first dispatches requests to certain XML
generating classes and then gives that XML to a stylesheet processor.
Our framework is more lightweight than cocoon and also adresses
problems like parameters, form handling, things I did not find in
Cocoon when I looked at it long time ago.

* XSL is definately slower than JSP yet, though we use SAX Events as
  communication within the application. But its getting better and
  better and you can do quite a few tricks with caching.
* If XML data comes in, the Java programming often can be very easy
* Work separation between design and programming is very clear. You
  just give the designers a bunch of XMLs (or even a DTD/Schema) and
  say, try to render this. If he needs other information he has to
  ask the programmer for more xml. In JSP it is bad style but easily
  possible to include more and more code in your design.
* Training to the actual designer wasn't to hard here, since they
  were all used to HTML sourcecode hacking.

The next Servlet API seems to adress this problem differently by
allowing any outputs interposed by appropriate filters.

A merger between Struts and a more direct XSL application would be
an interesting technology.

Just thoughts,

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