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From "Daniel Ostermeier" <>
Subject RE: Some proposals
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2001 20:02:40 GMT
> I would like to a write two tags however, that look like the following:
> <html:inError>
>     <html:errors/>
> </html:inError>
> <html:notInError> 
>    Display this otherwise
> </html:notInError>
> Any objections to the above suggestion?

Just one suggestion/objection.

Im not that farmiliar with struts, so i may be out in left field here. 
When i see <html:...> i expect to tags that are supported by the html 
specification - or struts modified versions at least. However, there is
no real concept of "error" in html. For this reason, i would prefer 
these sort of tags called <processing:error> for example. 

That is, i would prefer error moved away from the other html tags.


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