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From "Georg Opora" <>
Subject Suggestions for enhancements
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2001 13:00:21 GMT
Hi everyone,

please let me first of all express my congratulations and thank you for the 
remarkable effort you put into the excellent Struts framework. I also wrote 
a JSP/Servlet MVC framework for my organization, but I decided some time ago 
to abandon the effort and use Struts instead. The reason why I am writing 
today is because I wanted to share with you some suggestions and thoughts on 
the enhancement of Struts. I am very much interested in your new 
announcement to improve Struts regarding workflow management and handling of 
business logic. As I see it, a handler for processing a ServletRequest has 
to provide the following:

1.) Verify that the application is in the right state to carry out the 
incoming request. For instance, a user must be logged on or an object must 
have been selected before any changes on its details can be made. The 
applicaton state is normally represented by the objects that are located in 
the users HttpSession object.

2.) Process the business logic.

3.) Prepare the new application state, that is remove from or add objects to 
the HttpSession instance.

4.) Prepare and provide the response, that is put the necessary objects into 
the HttpServletResponse instance and provide the JSP.

My suggestion would be to somehow anchor this separation of concerns within 
the Struts framework and at the same time enforce the cohesion of things 
that clearly should be handled together. Here are my proposals concerning 
the 4 Tasks listed above:

1.) Provide the possibilty to define application states. An application 
state would be defined by a boolean expression on the content of the 
HttpSession instance. Each action would have to name the valid states from 
where it is possible to carry out this action. Another possibiltiy would be 
to name the valid actions for each state you define. The framework would in 
either case carry out the validation. I see that Struts new feature of 
"transactional tokens" could be excellently included here. The states could 
also be used within the logic tags of the Struts Taglib.

2.) Introduce the Command pattern in this context. The action class would be 
extended by a factory method that creates Command objects that handle the 
business logic. Business logic means to me a transaction in the EJB- (or 
whatever) tier. If the request does not involve such a transaction, you 
don't have to provide such a Command object.One should only be allowed to 
read from the HttpSession and HttpRequest instance.

3.) The new application state will be prepared based on the action 
parameters and on the outcome of the business logic. This includes rendering 
the EJB-Tier and putting the query results into HttpSession. I think it 
would be a good idea to prevent people from putting things into the 

4.) Preparing the HttpServletResponse instance for the JSP that's going to 
be processed must take place at the same spot in the code where the name of 
the next JSP is being returned. I think you cannot separate that. Preparing 
includes rendering the EJB-Tier and putting the query results into 
HttpServletResponse. My first approach to this was to create on 
ActionForward class for each JSP, where the preparing code is within the 
ActionForward class, so the ActionForward class becomes reusable by 
different Action classes.

I personally would like to see Struts moving in such a direction and would 
also be very happy to get involved. If anyone could comment on my thoughts 
it would be great. Thanks a lot.

Georg Opora
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