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From Elod Horvath <>
Subject [RE] Requests for changes/enhancements/bugfixes
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2001 11:51:18 GMT
Matthias Bauer wrote:
> Hi all,
> I sent this message out to the struts-user list on 02/22/01, but did not hear
> any response since then. But as it hits a point which I would really like to see
> changed, I am resending it to this list now hoping to get at least some feedback
> which says why obviously nobody is interested in doing this little bugfix. I can
> not imagine that nobody except me is running into this problem - well no: I know
> from the struts-user list that obviously some other people had to fight this
> strange behaviour.
> So please give at least some feedback.
> Thanks,
> --- Matthias
<rest of message snipped/>

it's best to submit bug reports and feature requests to bugzilla at
where they won't be forgotten or lost in the melee.  of course,
they can be posted to the list as well in hopes of discussions, etc.

i seem to recall there being some other issues with including port
numbers in generated URLs and i seem to recall a fix being applied
in CVS (but i don't know if it's exactly for the problem you outline).

Elod Horvath ('e')       /      ITFAIS Records (

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