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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Using session bean for action form is a design flaw
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 22:48:05 GMT
Tony & Kian Heffner wrote:

> Hi,
> Since action form is stored as JSP session bean, large scale web application
> that are running on a load balancing cluster environment will not be able to
> use Struct.

If the container supports the servlet spec properly, there should not be a
problem here.  In particular, there is a requirement that all requests for the
same session, which occur at the same time, MUST be served by one and only one
server.  In that way, the programming model of session attributes does not

This doesn't eliminate the potential for using too much memory, though -- see

> Does Strut has any plan to solve this issue or to support web
> farm? If so, what would be the timeline for such a feature to be available.
> Is there a way to configure/implement strut so that action form is not
> stored in session bean?

Session scope is the default on form beans, but it's not required -- you can
also use request scope.  This requires you to use only single-page-per-formbean
designs, or include all of the fields from other pages as hidden variables, but
eliminates the use of memory in between requests.

> Thanks.
> -Lee K. Cha

Craig McClanahan

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