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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: CheckboxTag value problem
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 03:57:50 GMT
Michael Hackett wrote:

> Hi -- newcomer to the list here...
> I was trying to figure out why my checkboxes were always enabled
> initially, and discovered that the code for the CheckboxTag class does
> not match the description in the HTML Tag Reference. Specifically, the
> value attribute is supposed to give the value submitted when the
> checkbox is checked, but instead all it does is override the form bean
> property as the initial state.
> I didn't see that behaviour elsewhere, and multibox seems to match up
> with the description, so I think the current version is a bug. I've
> fixed up the checkbox code (using MultiboxTag as a guide), which I can
> pass on (or post here) to anyone who wants to take a look and possibly
> incorporate it.
> I did see Laine Donlan's recent post about his changes, and I think the
> idea of using the value field contents as the initial value to match is
> a good one. I don't need that right now (my checkboxes are just mapped
> to boolean fields), but it would be an easy addition and would make a
> lot of sense.
> I don't, however, see why some people are complaining about not getting
> values from unchecked checkboxes, as that seems to be sufficiently
> handled by the reset() method functionality, isn't it? Or am I missing
> something?
> In addition, the HTML 4.01 spec says that value is not an optional field
> for a checkbox, so the checkbox taglet should be generating something
> for this field, even if no value parameter is given (or make value
> required for the custom tag as well).
> (BTW, should I submit this into bugzilla, even though I've got a
> solution already?)

I would appreciate it if you would ... patches in the mailing lists
sometimes get lost in my inbox :-(, but I always run current queries to see
which bug reports haven't been addressed yet.

You can include your proposed patch by adding an attachment to the bug

> --
> Michael Hackett
> Developer, Pictorius Inc.


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