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From Jean-Noël Ribette <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL - specialized taglib for fast interface development]
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2001 14:47:45 GMT
Hi Michael,

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From: Michael Gerdau <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2001 10:17 AM
Subject: Re: [PROPOSAL - specialized taglib for fast interface development]

Hi Jean-Noël !

[Proposal for struts with reduced options to simplify rapid development]
>More information can be found at

> I have had a brief look at your stuff.

> My first question is why don't you just add your struts-light-taglib
> as a custom taglib and remove all other taglibs ?

It is not possible to remove all other taglibs as struts-light does not and
is not intended to replace all the functionnalities of the other taglibs.
My goal is to make it possible to not use the other taglibs and HTML for
simple pages, but this is not completly done yet.

> With struts being intended I'm rather reluctant to reduce options and
> possibilities to cater for a rather specialized demand (as I view your
> request).
>I for that don't want to be reduced to a limited featureset especially
>when it seems easy to achieve it without removing options.

Struts-light is indeed a very specialized taglibs. It is intended to be used
for web applications with simple interface. That is, with only usual forms,
lists etc. In this case, a library which provides precise control like
struts-html bean and logic is not necessary the best thing to use:

If someone need to develop a lot of pages for application like this and is
not very skillful with HTML, Java and Struts (or even do not know), it will
take that person quite a lot of time to develop the pages using precise
control and it will not be that easy. Moreover, using precise controls
results in longer pages and possibly waste of time for such pages. So, why
not having a specialized taglibs that would allow easy development, with
only a fiew tags and a good visual results ?

And if this library does not allow specific design, it is still possible to
use struts-html, logic, bean and template.

This is why even if struts-light does not allow to customize a web page as
it is possible with writing all  the HTML code, I think struts-light can be
part of an additional extension to Struts greatly simplifying its use.

> Best,
> Michael


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