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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: i18n and Resources
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2001 02:22:52 GMT
Jason van Zyl wrote:

> > Ted Husted (a Struts commtter) and several others are trying to put together a
> > proposal for a code sharing subproject/repository/something on the GENERAL list
> > right now -- this sounds like another candidate for code that could be shared once
> > the infrastructure of the sharing is set up.
> I've been following it, I've just been quiet :-)

I've been following some of it, and probably spoke a little rashly in some circumstances

> > Jason, does this also relate to the DbResources discussion recently on
> > VELOCITY-DEV, or is that something different?
> A little different I think: that was more about velocity related
> tools, or even webapp related tools, versus general tools
> like a services framework or db connection pool.

OK ... just wanted to make sure we weren't missing a useful use case.

> I guess it's time for me to jump into the discussion of
> sharing tools :-) If I can I would like to share an
> introspector between struts and velocity. I have a feeling
> that the structs introspector is more complete so I
> would be all for using the struts introspector and it
> can probably be done :-)

It should be feasible to share this.  The needs look to be reasonably similar.

I recently refactored this family of classes to have no dependencies on other Struts
APIs (or even on servlet APIs for that matter).  Future enhancement plans include
support for PropertyEditor classes (to let apps customize the property<-->String
translations necessary when going to and from an HTML page) and bean properties that are
Collections (treating them sort of like indexed or array-based properties), which would
also benefit both Velocity and Struts.

> jvz.


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