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From Eric Wu <>
Subject RE: Automatic Form filing, Volatile property
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 15:01:05 GMT
My 2 cents worth:

This seems like a good general solution.  This way, the contract in the
documentation could read:
"UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED, all Struts form tags redisplay the previous
values from the corresponding form bean property"

One question that arises is should this be an attribute/property that is
applicable to all form elements or just a few (ie: password, textfield, text
area)?  Does anybody forsee the need for something like a volatile checkbox
or radio button?  

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From: Frederic BAGES []
Sent: February 1, 2001 4:22 AM
Subject: RE: Automatic Form filing, Volatile property

	Could we add a property that say : "Do not fill back this field". I
that the password field is the more obvious field that do not need to
recover the previous value but in an electronic commerce web site the credit
card number will not have to be retreived as well.

	I suggest that any password field is left blank and that fields
marked as
"volatile" is also left blank.

	The biggest problem with filing back these fields is the history
option of
IE or netscape that could retreive all these field's values that are stored
in the html source.


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