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From Dan Kirkpatrick <>
Subject workflow processing?
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2001 22:21:52 GMT
I'm new to this list, so excuse me if this has already been discussed ad 
nauseum.  I couldn't find a digest for the dev mailing list.

I was busy developing my own portal framework, complete with workflow 
processing, when a friend pointed me to Struts.  Well, I've now convinced 
myself to give up my own effort and join forces with Struts.

I have just looked at the todo list for v1.1 and see that workflow processing 
is scheduled to be developed.  Has anyone started on this?  If not, I'd like 
to help out.  

My initial implementation (and it was only preliminary) only had support for 
flow control, not iterations.  Based on the todo list, it sounds like a great 
deal of thought has already been given to this topic.  If it has been 
discusssed, can people fill me in on the thread, or point me to a digest?  

Dan Kirkpatrick
Software Architect
Blue Lotus Software

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