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From "Johan Compagner" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Tag library cohesion
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2001 22:49:10 GMT
> > Yes, but the form lib should have an error tag. (not errors tag)
> > like this: <form:error property="myproperty"/>
> >
> While there is a lot of merit to this idea (except that it would now be called
> <html:error property="myproperty"/> instead :-), the challenge is to define what
> this tag should actually do.  Anyone have ideas in that regard?

I don't know what the exact idee is at this time. Will we keep a form tag lib or will all
go to the html?
if we keep a form tag lib then i would place the error in the form lib because that error
is specifiek to 
the form bean and a property where i want the error for.

I have made my own class ErrorTag tag copied the exact behaviour of the ErrorsTag but then

for one property.
If there are multiply errors for one property i separte then at this time with a comma because
the error must be on the same line, what i could do is place the 'and' between them.

But you are right about global errors that aren't attached to any property.
Maybe a GlobalErrorsTag that does the same thing as ErrorsTag but then only for the non property's?


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