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From "Johan Compagner" <>
Subject Re: i18n and <form:html>
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2000 16:04:12 GMT
> > Isn't the current implementation a variation on your second suggestion
> already?
> > I chose to make it an attribute of a tag (<form:html>) that you are
> probably
> > using already, instead of an additional tag that needs to be remembered.
> >
> > It seems like overkill to add the logic to every tag that might need it,
> when
> > you can limit the overhead to once per page by using a tag that is only
> used
> > once.  And that is clearly the case for the <form:html> tag.
> You can have pages where you don't have forms.
> For instance, my application first page is a graphical menu and I don't want
> to include a form only to allow the user to bookmark that page and have the
> right locale selected.

But you can use <form:html> tag in a jsp page that doesn't have forms.
the form tags lib has more of those: like link
The naming convention is a bit strange the form tag lib that has also other things
that can be used besides forms. Maybe there should be a html tag lib for link/img/html ect
and the form tag lib contains only tag's about forms.


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