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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: how many committers?
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 21:21:43 GMT
"Young, Wayne" wrote:

> I hope this isn't too off topic.
> We are very close to adopting struts as a framework for our JSP development.
> We've developed a prototype and solved most of the issues we've encountered.
> One of the questions that was asked by management was how many people are
> contributing to the development right now. (we are interested in becoming
> contributors/committers too)
> Does anyone know how many committers there are that can change struts and
> how many companies/organizations they represent? If the number of
> companies/organizations isn't known... the total number of developers would
> be helpful.

At present there are five committers on Struts -- two from Sun, one from
Bluestone, and two independent folks -- but affiliations don't really matter all
that much on Apache style open source projects.  We all participate as

The approach to becoming a committer is described on the "get involved" pages on
the Jakarta web site <>.  Basically, it involves
establishing a track record on the STRUTS-DEV mailing list, proposing changes,
patches, and/or enhancements so that the other developers gain confidence in
your abilities.  Then, at some appropriate point, you (as an individual) get
voted on by the existing developers to be added to the list.

> Great project... Great future.
> Thanks.
> Wayne D. Young
> Member, Technical Staff
> MetaSolv Software, Inc.
> (e-mail)

Craig McClanahan

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