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From Matthias Kerkhoff <>
Subject PATCH: Incorrect description of Action.ERROR_KEY and in ErrorsTag
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 13:45:27 GMT
The comment of Action.ERROR_KEY reads:

     * The request attribute key under which your action should store an error
     * messages, if you are using the corresponding custom tag library elements.
     * The stored data type should be a String array of individual errors.  If
     * this request attribute is missing, or it is a zero-length array, the error
     * tag will assume that no problems need to be reported.
    public static final String ERROR_KEY =

but the saveErrors() method in the same class stores the more up-to-date
ActionErrors collection wrapper. Therefore the comment should be updated
to reflect the changed attribute type expected at ERROR_KEY.

Attached are and with slightly updated descriptions.

I would appreciate, if one of the committers can have a look
at the source and do the check-in - I have no permissions.

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