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From Matthias Kerkhoff <>
Subject Re: Interfaces vs base classes
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2000 14:36:09 GMT
Hi Cedric,

>  For my point of view, it seem that using base classes
> rather than interfaces close some doors in this case : With a base
> class, you "have to" extends the class, which forbid any others classe
> inheritances. But, an ActionForm is used to expose properties from, lets
> say, business logic objects (BO). So, you must implement your action
> form with a delegate of your BO. If later you modify your BO
> (customization for a new client), you need to modify your action form.
> This will not happen if your action form can extend the BO (or its data
> representation), and use a delegate for the ActionForm interface. So,
> why closing this possibility ? Do I miss something ?

I have the same problem and would prefer the more flexible solution
that Sun has choosen for such situations. As an example, I would like
to mention Tag/TagSupport or BeanInfo/SimpleBeanInfo.
Having a mandatory interface and a optional base class leaves the
decision to the developer.
He/she can choose either
- to implement the interface, if full flexibility is needed, or a base
  class already exists; or otherwise
- to extend the default base class and minimize the own development efforts.

However, there has been a long discussion  some weeks ago on this list
(or was it in Struts-Users?), if ActionForm should be a base class or
an interface. It's probably not a good idea to restart this thread again.

Matthias                        (

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