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From "Lee Hall" <>
Subject Re: Volunteer: File Upload/ Multipart form handling
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2000 15:29:12 GMT

>I figure I'll have to make this change somewhere inside of
>"BeanUtils.populate(Object, String, String, HttpServletRequest" when the
>ActionForm instance is populated, but I'm not totally done with planning
>this out yet.  Suggestions/constructive criticism will be appreciated

I've attached a servlet source that might give you some ideas.  It isn't
"Strutsified", but it handles an important characteristic of 
multipart/form-data encoding... regular parameters that are sent along with 
the file(s).  My implementation uses a Parameter inner class in order to 
make the API as easy as possible.  The fileData() method writes to a 
temporary file and then renames it upon completion to assure no partial 
upload remnants are left lying around.

  - Lee

PS - I also have some C source and benchmark results from when I wrote this 
a couple of years ago.  Let my know if you have any interest and I'll send 
it directly to you instead of spamming the list.
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