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From "Jones, Dean" <>
Subject RE: Request to reserve two hidden field names
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2000 16:11:31 GMT

I solved this simply by creating an ActionForm field that was named the same
as the submit button,  and checking it's value in the Action,  a small bit
code samplets follows.   Well,  I guess it's not secure,  but it is a simple
pattern that seems to work and requires no javascript. So, Is there anything
wrong with this ???  This is generally the way everyone used to do this with

Dean S Jones

<struts:form action="" name="orderForm" type="xxx.OrderForm">
	<struts:submit property="sendOrderSubmit">
		<struts:message key="orderForm.sendOrderSubmit.prompt"/>
	<struts:submit property="parkOrderSubmit">
		<struts:message key="orderForm.parkOrderSubmit.prompt"/>

package xxx;

public final class OrderForm extends ActionForm
	private String m_sendOrderSubmit = null;
	private String m_parkOrderSubmit = null;

	public void setSendOrderSubmit(String value)
		m_sendOrderSubmit = value;
		m_parkOrderSubmit = null;
	public void setParkOrderSubmit(String value)
		m_sendOrderSubmit = null;
		m_parkOrderSubmit = value;

public class OrderAction extends Action
	public ActionForward perform(...)
		// bla bla bla Validate Form and stuff bla bla bla
		// ...

		if(form.getSendOrderSubmit() != null)
			// The Send button was hit...

			return (mapping.findForward("send"));
		if(form.getParkOrderSubmit(0 != null)
			// The Park button was hit...

			return (mapping.findForward("park"));

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