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From Larry Kim <>
Subject Propper use of ActionServlets
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2000 19:50:52 GMT

I am developing a web app using the struts framework.  The application alows
for viewing, creating, editing and deleting of data in a database.  My
question is regarding the proper use of actionservlets.

Is it better to have a separate action servlet for every different possible
action, so in this case, have action servlets for View, Create, Edit and
Delete, OR is it better to have say one or 2 action servlets that employ
conditional logic to figure out what action is to be performed?

having a separate actionservlets for every action results in relatively
empty servlets,
however the action.xml file is far easier to read.

having only 2 uber-actionservlets results in fewer files, but the action.xml
file is more
difficult to follow since there are many action mappings mapped to the same
action servlet.

is there any other pros/cons i have missed?

very sincerely,
Larry Kim

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