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From Rod McChesney <>
Subject Re: Request to reserve two hidden field names
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2000 21:38:24 GMT
Also note that you can rephrase code like this:

<struts:input type="submit" value="Button1"


<struts:input type="submit" value="Button1"

which makes it more generic because it does not require the name of the
form to be repeated, so cut'n'paste is less error-prone. 

This has nothing to do with reserving the names, of course, because in
that case the onClick is generated anyway.

Rod McChesney

Robert Leland wrote:
> > prefix, such as strutsCmd and strutsToken that are far less likely to create
> > name collisions.
> Good point, I'll make that change in my code now.
> -Rob

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