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From Pierre Métras <>
Subject Re: Request to reserve two hidden field names
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2000 15:31:20 GMT
Robert wrote:

> Over the last week in beginning to work with struts I have found
> myself creating hidden fields to pass information on which button
> the user has clicked. Then taking alternative "forwarding" actions
> in the associated Action class.
> ...
> I would like to propose a convention of reserving two hidden field names:
> "cmd" and "token" as a --first-- step to providing an
> method
> of dispatching commands. That way if and when I can cleanly fit
> this method into struts it would be available to all.
> "cmd" would be the hidden field name to store commands.
> "token" would be hidden field to store tokens for commands
>             that need to assure transaction integrity which should
>             only be performed once. A token can be used only once,
>             and is destroyed after its use.

Just a question: why use hidden fields instead of having a class MenuForm
derived class ActionForm, with two instance variables 'cmd' and 'token'?

With hidden fields, a malicious user could see their content and change the
value of a field and resubmit a transaction. The only advantage I can see is
if you need to change their value with JavaScript code on the browser side,
without a round-up to the server.
If you use your own class, you don't need any more to reserve field names.
And you can add your menu behaviour without changing your JSP code: just
change your inheritance link in the form bean associated with the page, et

Pierre Métras

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