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From Marius Barduta <>
Subject Bug in CheckLogonTag in struts-example?
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2000 14:47:50 GMT

It seems that there is an error in CheckLogonTag class in struts-example.
The class redefines the method doStartTag. If the user is not logged in,
method should redirect to logon.jsp and skip the evaluation for the rest
the page. Unfortunately this does not happen.
First doStartTag returns a SKIP_PAGE value in case the user is not logged
in, but this value, according to JSP specifications is "Valid return value
for doEndTag." So, in fact, the JSP engine ignores the returned value and
continues to evaluate the page.
One quick fix should be, in may opinion, to change the name of the
to doEndTag and have this function return EVAL_PAGE if the user is valid
SKIP_PAGE if not.
It  works for me.
This bug is present in the source distribution jakarta-struts-src-20000627

Marius Sorin Barduta

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