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Subject svn commit: r1521605 - /struts/site/trunk/content/markdown/dev/
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2013 19:36:34 GMT
Author: grobmeier
Date: Tue Sep 10 19:36:34 2013
New Revision: 1521605

draft instructions for users who want to work with github


Modified: struts/site/trunk/content/markdown/dev/
--- struts/site/trunk/content/markdown/dev/ (original)
+++ struts/site/trunk/content/markdown/dev/ Tue Sep 10 19:36:34 2013
@@ -71,6 +71,34 @@ For reference, you can override the comm
     git svn dcommit --commit-url
+## Contributing with GitHub
+If you would like to contribute using the GitHub tools you need to know we can only
+accept your work if we have your [ICLA]( on file.
+Please read the document carefully, sign and send it to us. Basically this document
+protects you and the end users for legal problems. It allows the Apache Software Foundation
+to use your code and distribute it.
+You should receive an email a few days after you submitted it and appear in the 
+[committer index]( in the section "unlisted
+Once done, you can clone the [Apache Struts mirror on GitHub](
+    git clone struts2-mirror.git
+Please create an issue on our [issue tracker](
+You'll receive an issue number which you should use to create a working branch (for example
+If you are sending a pull request, please send it to the Apache Struts teams repo and not
+the official mirror. We cannot accept and close pull requests there which is the reason
+we have an own account. You can find it here:
+    [](
+It is of course possible to add us as upstream repo:
+    git remote add upstream
 ## Working with remote branches from GitHub
 You can add a remote branch from GitHub like this:

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