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Subject Issues Closed: week of 2008-06-27
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2008 08:12:00 GMT

Struts2 - Friday, June 27, 2008

  48 closed in last 7 days

  [WW-2178] autocompleter tag bug

  [WW-2061] Tabindex not working on autocompleter

  [WW-2546] Spring PropertiesFactoryBean lead to input validation error

  [WW-2683] Request parameters with no corresponding setter cause errors to be logged

  [WW-2688] Ignore parameters that start with 'struts.'

  [WW-2669] Autocompleter options list element does not resize correctly

  [WW-2686] @Validation not required for annotation based validation

  [WW-2690] CLONE -Autocompleter don't submit the attribute value to the url action when use

  [WW-2697] Struts.locate issue

  [WW-2666]  <div> Attribute executeScripts invalid for tag div according to TLD

  [WW-2132] Add support for JSP tag library dynamic attributes

  [WW-2473] <s:datetimepicker ../> doesn't work correctly for year change when it is
at the last or first month.

  [WW-2596] sx:datetimepicker bugs

  [WW-2099] s:submit with ajax theme inside a form do not wait for return value of onclick
before invoking the action

  [WW-2484] Styles from templateCssPath ignored

  [WW-2659] AJAX validation does not work when xhtml forms contain hidden form fields

  [WW-2622] Struts 2 Portlet plugin does not support setting a different struts.action.extension
other than 'action'

  [WW-2678] portlet dispatching after action phase renders in wrong namespace

  [WW-2100] Refreshing a div from javascript using dojo fails on subsequent attempts after
first refresh in IE 6.0. It works fine in firefox.

  [WW-2696] url  automatic append !save

  [WW-2600] Exception build results that have parameters that don't map to setters

  [WW-2637] add timezone support to Jasper Reports Plugin

  [WW-2684] Exception while registering Interceptor class org.apache.struts2.interceptor.validation.AnnotationValidationInterceptor

  [WW-2672] Autocompleter don't submit the attribute value to the url action when use valueNotifyTopics.

  [WW-2086] autocompleter dropdown height is only two items high when emptyOption="true" is

  [WW-2456] Struts2 treeExampleDynamicJsp controls does not render

  [WW-2687] Upgrade JasperReports dependancy to 3.0.0

  [WW-2639] field error displaying property name instead of i18n key

  [WW-2569] ExecuteScripts doesn't work properly

  [WW-2240] FileUploadInterceptor causes null pointer exception

  [WW-2693] Struts omnibus ticket

  [WW-2540] datetimepicker cause a javascript error if entered some non-date chars then lose
focus BEFORE choose a date

  [WW-2407] "Could not find action or result" error when action name is the same as spring
bean id

  [WW-2488] Errors upon import struts2 showcase example

  [WW-2689] RichFaces components with Struts

  [WW-2645] Name of the input text element is not rendered in IE 6 or IE 7 but works fine
in Firefox

  [WW-2692] XWork ParameterInterceptors bypass (OGNL statement execution) (XW-641)

  [WW-2681] DevMode is set to false, but still get Warning messages

  [WW-2550] formFilter/formId attributes in autocompleter tag don't work

  [WW-2648] SlashesInActionNames does not work when namespace is the root context (i.e. namespace="/")

  [WW-2263] validation annotation message attribute required even if using key attribute

  [WW-2695] <bean:define tag does not accept id name and value

  [WW-2535] DateTimePicker throws ParseException if date is ""

  [WW-2619] Fix Struts messages in Portuguese and Danish

  [WW-2698] Can optiontransferselect have additional attribute to allow the 2 select controls
to switch places?

  [WW-2046] Radio map to map type conversion now fails

  [WW-2224] the event in autocompleter

  [WW-2614] validate() is not called when method other than execute is executed

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