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Subject Issues Closed: week of 2008-06-20
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2008 08:12:00 GMT

Struts2 - Friday, June 20, 2008

  34 closed in last 7 days

  [WW-2243] Including a variable and getter/setter called Locale breaks validation

  [WW-2520] IE bug on tabbedpanel with Enclosed  ajax div on first tab

  [WW-2292] Validation occurs without need the @Validation annotation with Zero Configuration

  [WW-2496] s:property escape="false" tag causes double method invocation

  [WW-2541] Backport WW-1951 to struts stable

  [WW-2657] Zero configuration and message resource

  [WW-2677] Support multiple parent packages defined on package

  [WW-2551] premature close of stream in XLSTResult

  [WW-2536] Autocompleted element don't publish topics when it changed

  [WW-2598] automatically set ActionMapper for ServletRedirectResult

  [WW-2668] Multiple struts2 wars in EAR (Glassfish Server, Windows Environment) -- Not deploying

  [WW-2480] Some OGNL expressions do not work with DateTimePicker component

  [WW-2297] Using ServletActionRedirectResult (within @Result) and extra parameters.

  [WW-2505] Tag does not support Dojo specified field name, like "dojoType"

  [WW-2557] FileUploadInterceptor allows forbidden files when passed with allowed files

  [WW-2538] IO Stream closed unexpectedly when using <s:action> tag from within Tiles

  [WW-1725] FileUploadInterceptor and localized messages problem

  [WW-2599] action-tag will not call action method from a jsp page that is rendered from an
"input" result

  [WW-2479] SpringObjectFactory does not respect autowireStrategy

  [WW-2508] Redirect Action Result with get parameters to the target action loses parameters

  [WW-2660] Patches for WW-2203 prevented action parameters from other places than the request
parameters from being included in ParameterAware map.

  [WW-2611] s:action tag leaves invalid ActionInvocation in threadlocal ActionContext

  [WW-2092] Update UI tags to allow custom html tag attributes

  [WW-2016] Better document @ParentPackage annotation for Zero-configuration

  [WW-2339] empty checkbox list results in "Invalid field value for field" error when using
Collection or array containing non-boolean values.

  [WW-2543] Weird Codebehind startup bug (race condition, no magic way to reproduce) : switches
interceptor stacks

  [WW-2670] ClassLoaderUtil bug ?

  [WW-2559] Result/Results annotations do not override on subclasses

  [WW-2586] Struts 1 plugin pom has dependancy on 1.3.5

  [WW-2549] The <s:set> tag still can't handle body content

  [WW-2680] need xalan jar file

  [WW-2631] s:submit type="button" does not render title attribute

  [WW-2676] redirectAction problem with Params

  [WW-2564] Type Conversion of List<Integer> not working when list is empty.

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