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Subject Issues Closed: week of 2007-05-25
Date Fri, 25 May 2007 15:12:00 GMT

Struts2 - Friday, May 25, 2007

  38 closed in last 7 days

  [WW-1830] Support non-String attributes to freemarker JSP tag extensions

  [WW-1916] Unable to start struts2 Application, getting a Null pointer exception.

  [WW-1792] Date tag doesn't handle calendars

  [WW-1495] Some actions that use Generics make OGNL throw ClassCastException

  [WW-1519] 'select' tag cannot bind jdk5.0 enum type

  [WW-1714] Using the Redirect Action Result with parameters to the target action causes an
OGNL warning

  [WW-1942] Struts 2 core tests fails under Java 6.0

  [WW-1743] doubleselect has wrong doubleCssClass

  [WW-1874] form tag action attribute doesn't work for command url

  [WW-1762] Struts 2 creates ugly anchor tags

  [WW-1746] html tag tr isnīt close in s:debug

  [WW-1935] Tags Bind, Anchor and Submit, in the Dojo plugin should have a "separateScripts"
attribute to run scripts on their own scope

  [WW-1870] Add sources and javadoc jars to maven repositories when releasing

  [WW-1941] Update Tiles 2 plugin to depend on a released version

  [WW-1903] Client side javascript validation has javascript errors when textfield labelposition
is set to top

  [WW-1879] Result "location" parameter should evaluate %{expr}

  [WW-1920] NullPointerException in CookieInterceptor when there are no cookies in request

  [WW-1868] Struts 2 validation testing fails because ObjectFactory is null

  [WW-1766] s:div tag needs the scriptSeparation attribute

  [WW-1697] AnchorTag has no setter method corresponding to TLD declared attribute 'onLoadJS'

  [WW-1712] PropertiesSettings fails to load properties on Websphere 6.0

  [WW-1810] Custom ObjectTypeDeterminer defined in is not correctly set
in XWorkConverter

  [WW-1862] Chaining result from input to another action never excutes chained target.

  [WW-1764] freemarker.core.InvalidReferenceException: s.combobox not found.

  [WW-1905] Sort tag documentation mention id param but tld does not

  [WW-1672] optgroup.ftl formats long numbers with commas

  [WW-1752] The doubleCssClass of optiontransferselect does not work

  [WW-1926] Unexpected Exception catched: Error setting expression...

  [WW-1884] Validator Randomly Fails Valid Input

  [WW-1751] StrutsResultSupport truncates redirect url at &

  [WW-1924] Struts2 on JDK 1.4

  [WW-1932] SubsetIteratorTag throws NullPointerException when no source is specified

  [WW-1918] Select options doesnt render chinese and korean languages correctly

  [WW-1929] submit ajxs form is not working for FF and IE

  [WW-1780] Indexed (bean) properties do not work when property is not a real array

  [WW-1871] Default Submit Button

  [WW-1907] radiomap.ftl does not reconize OGNL value returned from a object.

  [WW-1939] Allow automatic id setting from restful2 action mapper

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