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Subject Issues Closed: week of 2007-01-12
Date Fri, 12 Jan 2007 16:12:00 GMT

Struts2 - Friday, January 12, 2007

  30 closed in last 7 days

  [WW-205] CSS implementation of ui:tabbedpane

  [WW-1393] Returning Result directly

  [WW-1614]  Apache Struts 2 Documentation > Home > Guides > Core Developers Guide
> Action Chaining's next link error

  [WW-1596] DatePicker and TimePicker are not working at all

  [WW-1567] Poor error reporting in the select freemarker template

  [WW-1562] Autcompleter bugs\improvements

  [WW-1628] Force URL bean to return itself in setters instead of void

  [WW-1613] optiontransferselect allowUpDownOnLeft allowUpDownOnRight not specified in tld

  [WW-1605] DropdownDateTimePicker is not rendering label

  [WW-1636] PortletActionContext.getDefaultActionForMode - ClassCastException

  [WW-1616] ScopeInterceptor caches key in instance variable

  [WW-1594] struts-cleanup filter - stack overflow on missing resource

  [WW-1392] Generate Taglib TLD from annotations/xdoclet tags

  [WW-1597] Codebehind Plugin causing multiple issues with the showcase.

  [WW-1447] Remove deprecated 'labelPosition' and 'show' view tag attributes

  [WW-1608]  Apache Struts 2 Documentation > Home > Tutorials > Bootstrap > Validating
Input's example is wrong

  [WW-1512] Support for xdoclet-2 invocation for taglib generation

  [WW-769] UITags do not evaluate id attribute

  [WW-1611] Autocompleter "list" attribute is not required

  [WW-1609] Extract Ajax Theme to Dojo Plugin

  [WW-1638] Portlet example update

  [WW-1610] Remote forms page on showcase is using the wrong attributes for submit

  [WW-1621] ScopeInterceptor handling of null values for session attributes breaks under some

  [WW-1477] Dojo Integration

  [WW-1593] ExecuteAndWaitInterceptor no longer works after upgrading from WebWork 2.2.4

  [WW-1598] Ajax forms do not get submitted

  [WW-1629] ww:div shall be block directive in velocity view

  [WW-492] XSLT Views + XML Mapping + HashMap support

  [WW-1620] Missing treenode in freemarker tags

  [WW-1631] Unused text message lookup

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