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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Struts Wiki] Update of "StateManagement" by MichaelJouravlev
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 20:29:07 GMT
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The following page has been changed by MichaelJouravlev:

  Best fit: non-critical information about a particular client, session, or application. Usually
employed for user profiling, like zip code or preferred language. Also used for "remember
me" login.
+ How Struts can help:
+  * Struts does not have functions specific to storing state in cookies.
+  * Struts helps to maintain session if cookies are not enabled. Struts automatically calls
{{{response.encodeURL()}}} when processing <html:form> and <html:link> tags. This
tells server to add session ID to links and HTML forms.
  == Rewritten URLs ==
@@ -86, +89 @@

   * State is tied to page address.
  Best fit: applications where the query string only affects the view, like online catalogs
or magazines. A page can be reloaded without affecting the server and without POSTDATA messages.
Navigating back and forward is not an issue.
  === Clean URLs ===
@@ -163, +165 @@

  Implications: Application must provide explicit navigational links and buttons so users
would not have to use standard browser navigation buttons. Application must recognize and
handle double-submit situations. 
+ How Struts can help:
+  * Use [ <html:hidden>
tag] to store hidden field information and to submit it to location specified in <html:form>
+  * Use [ TokenProcessor
class] to distinguish resubmits.
  == Browser objects (DOM elements, Javascript variables, Flash storage) ==
   * Can store complex structures and objects.
@@ -175, +181 @@

   * Lost when a page is reloaded unless special care is taken.
  Best fit: Ajax-style Single Page applications.
+ How Struts can help:
+  * Struts does not have built-in features for saving state in client DOM/Javascript objects.
+ Additional information:
+  * [
Saving Session Across Page Loads Without Cookies, On The Client Side] -- tutorial by Brad
  == Server session object ==

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