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From sblackmon <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Graduation?
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2017 15:04:07 GMT
John, responses to your comments in-line below.


On June 11, 2017 at 9:08:42 PM, John D. Ament ( wrote:
Hey guys  

Steve asked me to look over the dependencies in Streams to see if there's any issues.  

I don't see any issues - the dependencies you have from a binary standpoint are all Cat-A/Cat-B
so its no issue.  

Thanks for taking a look at the dependency tree.  Good to hear you didn’t find any red

I do have to question the scope of some of them though. If I were a user of Streams, it may
be that Streams brings in too many dependencies. Just something to think about - can Streams
be simplified?  

Overall we are definitely in a consolidation phase.  In the last two releases, the number
of modules that depend on guava have dropped significantly, and we’ve gotten rid of third-party
binary libraries twitter4j and jInstagram (and their transitive dependencies) in master branch.
 We are well on the way to dropping all third-party libraries for which direct HTTP is a
viable substitute.  This trend will continue and ultimately I expect we will be able to remove
guava, typesafe, jackson, jodatime, and jsonschema2pojo from core modules (all not under streams-contrib).

We’re also dropping modules from the project faster than new ones are being added lately.
 Third-party libraries that use binary protocols to connect with various databases are pretty
well isolated from core functionality already.  If we manage to replace Streams interfaces
and execution with Beam interfaces and execution, as has been discussed multiple times on
the list with no dissenting voices, that would allow us to delete or migrate a lot of non-differentiated
capabilities (runtimes and persisters) while overall increasing developer productivity around
our primary use cases (providers and processors). - this is the raw output from maven.  

For instance. It looks like you have a scala plugin, but all modules are dependent on scala.
Is there maybe a bad dependency somewhere in the mix?  

The scala dependency is there to support serialization of scala primitives, lists, maps, and
other objects.  It’s almost certainly the case there is way we could make it optional.
 I opened STREAMS-514 to address this.


On 2017-06-07 12:51 (-0400), sblackmon <> wrote:  
> Hello,  
> I wanted to let everyone know that at ApacheCon Miami I received encouragement from quite
a few IPMC members to graduate the project to TLP.  
> The June board report stated that we’ve completed the AMMA, and have compiled
a checklist of items that we might want or need to do before we graduation.  The list is
fairly short and contains few if any difficult or essential tasks.  
> It also stated that we are likely to ask to graduate before our next IPMC report. 
> So I’m opening a thread here to see if the community thinks we are ready - and
if we aren’t for any reason, what do you think we should do before we ask the incubator
to vote us to TLP?  
> Thanks,  
> Steve  
> Here’s the Streams section of the board report for reference - copied from just
> --------------------  
> Streams  
> Apache Streams (incubating) unifies a diverse world of digital profiles and  
> online activities into common formats and vocabularies, and makes these  
> datasets accessible across a variety of databases, devices, and platforms for  
> streaming, browsing, search, sharing, and analytics use-cases.  
> Streams has been incubating since 2012-11-20.  
> Three most important issues to address in the move towards graduation:  
> 1. Community growth and PMC maturity.  
> 2. Demonstrate a consistent release schedule.  
> 3. Participation of project community within related standards-bodies and Apache projects.
> Any issues that the Incubator PMC (IPMC) or ASF Board wish/need to be aware  
> of?  
> The community has completed an internal assessment using the Apache Maturity Model to
identify gaps that should be addressed before graduation.  
> The community is working against a task list of graduation TODOs:
> It is likely that Streams will pursue graduation to TLP during the coming quarter.  
> How has the community developed since the last report?  
> Dev List  
> 57 emails sent by 12 people, divided into 20 topics  
> Web Page  
> 820 Sessions (up ~75%), 508 Users (up ~50%), 1507 Pageviews (up ~30%).  
> Public Slack:  
> 1202 Messages, 11 Files  
> Committers Slack: #dev-streams  
> 157 Messages, 3 Files  
> How has the project developed since the last report?  
> Source Control  
> Excluding merges, 4 authors have pushed 29 commits to master. On master, 165 files have
changed and there have been 5,891 additions and 1,647 deletions.  
> Excluding merges, 3 authors have pushed 4 commits to master. On master, 10 files have
changed and there have been 18 additions and 72 deletions.  
> JIRA  
> 24 issues closed with 0.5-incubating release  
> 7 issues closed after 0.5-incubating release  
> 18 new issues opened this period  
> Date of last release:  
> 2017-03-20 : 0.5-incubating release  
> When were the last committers or PMC members elected?  
> 2017-04-14: Trevor Grant elected as committer / PPMC member  
> Signed-off-by:  
> [X](streams) Matt Franklin  
> Comments: The community is small, but diverse and dedicated. I look forward to seeing
them move past the incubator and hopefully continuing to add new contributors.  
> [X](streams) Ate Douma  
> Comments:  
> [X](streams) Suneel Marthi  
> Comments:  

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