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From sblackmon <>
Subject Release Apache Streams (incubating) 0.4 rc2
Date Sun, 30 Oct 2016 23:30:29 GMT

I've created another combined 0.4-incubating release candidate (rc2), with the following artifacts
up for a vote:  

incubator-streams-master source tag (r0.4-incubating):;a=commit;h=b5096fa46bdccfdafce95ee7bcd535a604a63041
incubator-streams source tag (r0.4-incubating):;a=commit;h=7417348cbadc068e3f9d45b07ed51bc286676d64
incubator-streams-examples source tag (r0.4-incubating):;a=commit;h=5807a4522c9ea3f93547baf801f4eb64d1a83383(

Maven staging repo:  

Source releases:
Checksums of  
MD5: 8378e982583d218b10e70183e4f6363c  
SHA1: 90e557b6f36314e47d7cdbb43bb62d45522270f8  
Checksums of  
MD5: 0a9d967da4c3314ec9e0b4f0b6d90f90  
SHA1: 8d775596c0376ed5c5ac4d349379c2e01ff39ee2  
Checksums of  
MD5: 9a46bfc7afd3fe2ee40eabf0a2ca876c  
SHA1: b8fa09d1e016cf998b81240ac34058ea275c8e50  

Release artifacts are signed with the following key:  

Please take the time to verify these artifacts before casting your vote.  

Note that Maven 3.3.9 and JDK 1.8+ are now required, and that MAVEN_OPTS should set the java
heap to at least 2G for best results.  

These repositories must be built and installed locally in the right order: first streams-master,
then streams-project, finally streams-examples.  

To see the full set of steps used to validate and perform the release candidate, and review
the output of each step, visit this public wiki page.  

Note that to execute the full suite of integration tests, one must first prepare a testing
environment with docker databases and working credentials to all providers.  

Vote will be open for 72 hours.  

[ ] +1 approve  
[ ] +0 no opinion  
[ ] -1 disapprove (and reason why)

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