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From sblackmon <>
Subject provider refactoring/improvement exemplar
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2016 01:58:18 GMT

I’ve pushed a branch that depicts the sort of provider upgrades that I envision making across
all providers this quarter.

It solves for all of the following clean-up and improvement issues, specifically for the TwitterTimelineProvider

Ensure all providers function stand-alone

SNS providers should emit appropriately typed documents by default

ability (and instructions on how) to run providers directly from console

Proof of concept integration test that pulls actual data from generator

Rather than tackle these stories one at a time laterally across all providers, we could consider
divide-and-conquer by module or by class to reduce the number of commits and committers hitting
each provider.  

Curious what others want to try.  Would you rather take on one provider at a time and improve
it’s quality across several dimensions, or improve many at once in a single dimension?


On October 4, 2016 at 11:56:18 AM, sblackmon (

> With 0.3-incubating in the books, it’s time to take a look at what is most important
for the next release.
> Here are a few concrete things I propose we tackle in October. They are tagged in JIRA
with fixVersion=0.4  
> I saw some new issues being created the last few days. Please keep it up, no matter how
> Major themes:  
> * Reboot and Clean-up
> * Provider and Configuration consistency
> * Prep for the AS 2.0 switch
> Also:
> * POC persist integration tests with docker  
> * POC provider integration tests that perform collection
> * Fix lingering and simple bugs / documentation
> * Flink example code
> If we target early week of October 24 for code freeze and cut rc1 that should give us
time to get the release passed (hopefully with unanimous support from three active IPMC members
on PPMC) by our November report.  
> Feedback welcome! And feel free to assign yourself or let us someone with permissions
know if you want to have something assigned to you.  
> Steve  
> On September 28, 2016 at 3:00:01 PM, sblackmon (
> > All,
> >  
> > Joey brought this up over the weekend and I think a discussion is overdue on the
> >  
> > Encouraging community growth and performing regular releases are on our list of
graduation criteria.  
> >  
> > A few easy behaviors we can adopt to take to make progress on these goals:  
> > - planning release versions around one or two significant improvements
> > - setting target dates to kick off upcoming releases
> > - prioritizing our backlog after each release
> > - discussing project and community milestones openly on the list  
> > - organizing JIRA so that all contributors (especially new) can decide where it’s
most important to focus their efforts
> >  
> > I think to get things moving again and demonstrate we are capable of consistent
progress, we should aim to perform a release once per month around the end of the month. 

> >  
> > As for what to focus on, I think it’s time to discuss adopting Activity Streams
2.0, figure out what form that transition would take, and get started down that path. Working
implementations demonstrate the suitability of the standard and drive it’s adoption, and
the prospects of this project are closely tied to those of the standard. Separate DISCUSS
coming on this topic.  
> >  
> > Also important for the ‘reboot’ theme, we should delete any modules we aren’t
going to maintain, and bring all modules we are going to maintain up to acceptable standards
- exactly what that means is an open question but broadly they should have documentation,
code comments, and tests at the level of a typical module in a typical TLP.  
> >  
> > Expanding the examples to demonstrate how to use streams providers and processors
within various execution engines and fixing any bugs that have been reported is desirable
as well. Adding at least one new example per release is a good target for now.  
> >  
> > I have created some future versions with target release dates in JIRA and invite
all committers to associate existing or new issues with those releases, or anyone who can’t
modify JIRA to summarize their thoughts and share with the list and I will incorporate those
ideas into JIRA. This should be the default reference for anyone looking for a way to help
- look at issues associated with the next few releases and the top of the backlog and pick
something that appeals and is in line with your experience.  
> >  
> > Anything else that should be a top priority for the rest of the year? Or other ideas
on improving planning and coordination?  
> >  
> > Steve  
> >  
> > On September 24, 2016 at 1:01:02 PM, apache (
> > > - This has already come up, but maybe ActivityStreams 2.0 support would broaden
the community and motivate more work. It's also a concrete  
> >  
> >  
> > > goal to work toward so people would know where they can start.
> >  
> >  
> >  
> >  
> > > - Steve and I did a little work here a few months ago, but the JIRA could reflect
the priorities better and I think keep the community working in a common direction.
> >  
> >  
> >  
> >  
> >  

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