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From Ate Douma <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Community - call for help [Was: Setting priorities for our next few releases]
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2016 06:26:21 GMT
Hi Steve, community, silent followers,

In general the proposal and suggestions from Steve are all good steps forward.

But I'm for now top posting and forking that discussion to try address everyone
in the community directly, because I think there are other and more critical
actions needed to make clear to the Incubator PMC that cancelling of this
project retirement will not end up to be just a temporary pause.

The first and highest priority action should be getting more and diverse
involvement and active participation from the community.
The steps suggested by Steve are definitely helpful and needed as well.
But it just as well might end up remaining a one man's task list...

Instead, we need to get more active input and suggestions/questions from others
in the community, like Joey, our new mentor Suneel, and hopefully as well from
the W3C ActivityStream 2.0 working group people, like Benjamin Young.

And we need not just 'talk' feedback, but actual interest and participation
with concrete contributions.
(Suneel: I know you signed up just to mentor, which of course also is needed)

We need to see and show serious promise for growth of the project community to
the IPMC, and in a reasonable short time frame (a few months at most).
Without that I think the changes of getting this project back on its feet will
remain unrealistic, and then better be stopped.

This also was indicated by the request from John Ament (the Incubator Chair), to
switch back to monthly reporting for the coming 3 months, so the IPMC can
monitor the progress and chances for success. And if not, probably will decide
(or at least vote) for a final retirement after all.
I agree with John this make perfectly sense, and I'll update the reporting
schedule for Streams shortly to make it so.

Meaning: a next Incubator board report will need to be delivered monthly for
at least the coming 3 months.
We better make sure there is positive news to report :-)

I also cc'ed Benjamin Young (who AFAIK hasn't subscribed to this list)
to see what ideas he has and what concrete actions can take in getting the W3C
ActivityStreams 2.0 people involved as well.

And I'm explicitly calling out to the mostly silent community, including the
other committers, to speak up and let us know what you might be able to do for
the project *now*: ideas, feedback, testing, maybe even code contributions?

Kind regards, Ate

On 2016-09-28 22:00, sblackmon wrote:
> All,
> Joey brought this up over the weekend and I think a discussion is overdue on the topic.
> Encouraging community growth and performing regular releases are on our list of graduation
> A few easy behaviors we can adopt to take to make progress on these goals:
>   - planning release versions around one or two significant improvements
>   - setting target dates to kick off upcoming releases
>   - prioritizing our backlog after each release
>   - discussing project and community milestones openly on the list
>   - organizing JIRA so that all contributors (especially new) can decide where it’s
most important to focus their efforts
> I think to get things moving again and demonstrate we are capable of consistent progress,
we should aim to perform a release once per month around the end of the month.
> As for what to focus on, I think it’s time to discuss adopting Activity Streams 2.0,
figure out what form that transition would take, and get started down that path.  Working
implementations demonstrate the suitability of the standard and drive it’s adoption, and
the prospects of this project are closely tied to those of the standard.  Separate DISCUSS
coming on this topic.
> Also important for the ‘reboot’ theme, we should delete any modules we aren’t going
to maintain, and bring all modules we are going to maintain up to acceptable standards - exactly
what that means is an open question but broadly they should have documentation, code comments,
and tests at the level of a typical module in a typical TLP.
> Expanding the examples to demonstrate how to use streams providers and processors within
various execution engines and fixing any bugs that have been reported is desirable as well.
 Adding at least one new example per release is a good target for now.
> I have created some future versions with target release dates in JIRA and invite all
committers to associate existing or new issues with those releases, or anyone who can’t
modify JIRA to summarize their thoughts and share with the list and I will incorporate those
ideas into JIRA.  This should be the default reference for anyone looking for a way to help
- look at issues associated with the next few releases and the top of the backlog and pick
something that appeals and is in line with your experience.
> Anything else that should be a top priority for the rest of the year?  Or other ideas
on improving planning and coordination?
> Steve
> On September 24, 2016 at 1:01:02 PM, apache ( wrote:
> - This has already come up, but maybe ActivityStreams 2.0 support would broaden the community
and motivate more work. It's also a concrete
> goal to work toward so people would know where they can start.
> - Steve and I did a little work here a few months ago, but the JIRA could reflect the
priorities better and I think keep the community working in a common direction.

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