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From Ate Douma <>
Subject Re: Streams Web Site, Maven Sites, misc Documentation - proposed next steps
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2016 16:49:00 GMT
Hi Steve,

Cool. I don't have much extra input or ideas right now, but looking forward to 
the steps taken you proposed below.
And about getting out a next release first soon, if it is not side-tracking 
these other steps much, sure +1


On 2016-01-05 15:35, Steve Blackmon wrote:
> All,
> Ate gave us a reality check during our board report in December and
> enumerated some of the most prominent ways our documentation currently
> falls short - of Apache community standards and of any reasonable
> useful-ness test.  I've responded in-line below - please kick in any ideas
> you have.
> - the website isn't providing any practical guidance *why* or *how* to use
> Streams
> I agree.  This is the content that belongs on the streams website landing
> page (high-level) or linked from the body (the details).  I will take a
> first shot at this and circulate for feedback.
> - its missing concrete examples and recognizable use-cases for which
> Streams might be used, nor comparison against other solutions, and why
> Streams would be a good/better solution
> The examples documentation site [1] are meant to serve as both concrete
> examples and recognizable use-cases, but there are a few problems with the
> current setup.
>     1. The examples site lacks plain-language READMEs for the root module
>     and the first children of the root module (the runtime-specific
>     aggregators).
>     2. The examples site isn't linked from the landing page of the website.
>     3. There is no permanent url for latest/current.
>     4. There hasn't been a formal release of this repo.
>     5. There are broken links within the markdown of some examples.
>     6. The plain-language descriptions of the examples themselves could be
>     improved.
> All of these can be addressed (easily I think) and I'm happy to take them
> on.
> Additionally, a page (or several) comparing streams to frameworks such as
> Storm, Spark, Samza, Flink, etc... and describing how they are
> different/complementary would be valuable.  These questions come up a lot.
> - the Architecture page only has some basic wording but provides no insight
> whatsoever about the concrete implementation and certainly not its
> architecture
> I think this page needs either an multi-page outline format heavily linked
> into READMEs and interfaces throughout the streams repos, or a system
> diagram depicting a simple streams deployment alongside the vocabulary.
> Maybe both as several pages.
> - there is no public javadoc or other technical documentation linked/hosted
> We do generate java-docs for releases and snapshots.  We should add a link
> to the root page.  We've made progress but there are still many classes
> lacking any javadoc header.  We should reiterate a commitment to fixing
> that and a schedule for deprecating and deleting any class that doesn't
> still serve a distinct purpose.
> An index of the many resource files (json/xml schemas, conversion rules,
> shell scripts, etc...) published to the project and examples release should
> also placed on the main website.  Ideally comprehensive, but if not at
> least enough to show a developer that they exist and can be hard-linked to
> within their own project resources.
> - there is a 'wiki (coming soon)' link which never has been activated
> This link (actually most of predates the
> regular publication of the streams-project maven site where READMEs and
> other resources are hosted.  Personally I'd prefer to see documentation
> improving within the code-base rather than in a separate wiki in the
> near-term and suggest we just delete this link.
> - the mailing list is NOT used for any form of discussion/information other
> than JIRA and Git(hub) notifications
> - especially the latter doesn't give a newbie any indication what is going
> on, nor how to (start) interact
> This is unfortunate and must change for the community to grow.  I know I'm
> guilty of having ad-hoc off-list discussions with my team that lead to new
> stories and pull requests.  Mea culpa, I resolve to stop doing this in 2016.
> - there are no blog posts (that I am aware of) around using/trying out
> Streams either
> This is a critical missing piece of the puzzle.  Static HTML via apache
> httpd is not the ideal platform for hosting a blog but some other projects
> have made it work.  I'd like us to replace 'Latest News' with a navigable,
> indexable set of blog posts going forward, where release summaries and new
> examples can be published, and 'in-the-wild' mentions of the project can be
> aggregated.
> And I personally would prefer the dev@ list to be much more / primarily
> used for actual human interaction, not just these notifications from JIRA
> and Github.
> Maybe change the configuration to delegate (some of) these to the commit@
> list instead?
> I agree.  AFAICT though does not
> exist.  Per we should hold a
> vote to create it.  I'll open that vote today.
> What I suggest is to for a while stop (or largely postpone) working on code
> but instead working on any/all of the above points first...
> I agree that making the website helpful is the top project priority.
> Even working on a next release IMO is far less important than first
> building up some explanation *why* a release of Stream is needed.
> I agree that these concerns should be addressed before the next release.
> The main reason for releasing soon is that per [4] there are 36 issues
> resolved since the 0.2 release, including quite a few bugs and improvements
> related to stability, deployment flexibility, or likely to impact the
> experience of a new developer.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]

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