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From Steve Blackmon <>
Subject Update regarding Jenkins/Travis and next release
Date Tue, 25 Aug 2015 17:33:37 GMT

I've been trying for months to get someone to fix the problem messing
up our Jenkins/Travis setup without success. BUILDS-88 is the related
open issue.

a) streams has a master pom which contains most of the standard
dependency and plugin management details.
b) incubator-streams and incubator-streams-examples both depend on
incubator-streams-master, greatly reducing duplication between their
c) however this means that neither incubator-streams and
incubator-streams-examples can build their SNAPSHOTs without resolving
the incubator-streams-master SNAPSHOT
d) something wrong in the jenkins/repository.a.o setup is refusing
deployment of SNAPSHOT artifacts.
e) thus every push and every PR to incubator-streams and
incubator-streams-examples appears broken

I'm close to giving up hope that anyone is going to take
responsibility and fix this problem, which I don't believe is fixable
by anyone on the dev list.  If any mentors want to help me drive to
resolution on this, I'd greatly appreciate your support.

As beneficial as a having a master pom is, being able to keep a
functioning CI system and perform releases is more important.  So if
we don't get our snapshots deploying this week I'm going to submit a
pull request that copies everything from
incubator-streams-master/pom.xml to incubator-streams/pom.xml and to

Sorry this problem has persisted and blocked our next release this
long - I'm beyond ready to see it resolved one way or another.

Steve Blackmon

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