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From Steve Blackmon <>
Subject Re: 0.2 release
Date Tue, 28 Apr 2015 07:57:33 GMT

I believe that release of streams-project 0.2-incubating is
essentially complete as of Monday evening - just need to make the
formal announcement.  master in streams-project is now

I'm quite close to getting streams-examples 0.2-incubating-rc1 ready
to submit for a release vote from PPMC - have to figure out how to
stop maven from uploading shaded artifacts to the release repo.

Currently working in branch 0.2-incubating-rc1 and trying variants of
the following (after release:prepare succeeds)

mvn -Papache-release -Darguments='-Dmaven.test.skip.exec=true
-Dmaven.shade.skip=true' release:perform -Dgoals=deploy
-DlocalRepoDirectory=. -DlocalCheckout=true -Dmaven.shade.skip=true

Steve Blackmon

On Sun, Apr 26, 2015 at 2:31 PM, First Developer <> wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> Please announce when 0.2 is released, I am seeing that some poms have not
> been updated.
>  - Joe

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