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From "Ryan Ebanks" <>
Subject CMS diff: Getting the Source Code
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2014 15:50:05 GMT
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Ryan Ebanks

Index: trunk/content/source-repository.mdtext
--- trunk/content/source-repository.mdtext	(revision 1627682)
+++ trunk/content/source-repository.mdtext	(working copy)
@@ -16,27 +16,29 @@
           specific language governing permissions and limitations
           under the License.
-Apache Streams uses [Subversion]( for version control with
a [Git]( mirror.
+Apache Streams uses [Git Hub]( for version control.
 Run the following command to check out the repository trunk:
+>    git clone
->    svn checkout streams-trunk
->    git clone git:// streams-trunk
-There is also a [Web UI](

-which can be used to view the repository and project activity online.
 Project Build Structure
 Streams uses Maven 3+ as its build tool.  Below is a breakdown of the projects and components
that are built or can be built using Maven.
-**streams-eip-routes**: contains Camel xml routes that are packaged as a
-war.  This could be hot deployed to servicemix or packaged with
-streams-web for a servlet container or applications server deployment.
+**streams-contrib**: contains java modules that ingest data from data providers (i.e. twitter,
facebook, instagram, etc.).  Also contains contributed processors and writers
+that connect to external systems, tools, and machines (i.e. elasticsearch, hdfs, etc.)
+**streams-core**: contains the core interfaces and classes the streams project
+**streams-pojo**: contains the core jsonschema for activity data along with a few utility
classes to help parse dates.
+**streams-runtimes**: contains java modules with different runtime implementations of Streams.
+**streams-util**: utility module that contains helpful classes
 **streams-osgi-components**: contains OSGI compliant java modules.  Each
 module is packaged as an osgi bundle jar.  A uber-jar
 (streams-components) is also built that contains all of the components

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