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From "Robert Douglas [W2O Digital]" <>
Subject Re: New Generalized Extensions for ActivityStreams Schema
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2014 16:20:42 GMT
I¹m working on mocking up the new schema at the moment, but Œextensions¹
would become a new top-level element in the json structure. Each of the
proposed extensions would then be a sub-element in that Œextensions¹

On 4/29/14, 11:12 AM, "James M Snell" <> wrote:

>In this proposal, how would these manifest in the json structure?
>On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 8:57 AM, Robert Douglas [W2O Digital]
><> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Given that there are certain attributes that are similar across
>>multiple social media feeds (ie. A Œlike¹ on Facebook, Œfavorite¹ on
>>twitter, and Œ+1¹ on Google+ are all equivalent) I think it makes sense
>>to break these out into generalized extensions. I¹d like to propose the
>>following extensions:
>>  *   extensions.hashtags
>>     *   An array that holds an entry for each unique hashtag mentioned
>>in a post
>>  *   extensions.likes.perspectival
>>     *   A boolean field that denotes whether or not this post was
>>favorited by another user
>>  *   extensions.likes.count
>>     *   The total number of likes a post received
>>  *   extensions.rebroadcasts.perspectival
>>     *   Whether or not this post was rebroadcasted
>>  *   extensions.rebroadcasts.count
>>     *   The total number of rebroadcasts this post received
>>  *   extensions.rebroadcasts.users
>>     *   An array that holds an entry for each user that rebroadcasted
>>this post
>>  *   extensions.user_mentions
>>     *   An array that holds an entry for each user that is mentioned in
>>this post
>>  *   extensions.urls
>>     *   An array that holds an entry for each URL that is mentioned in
>>this post. Each entry would have both the raw URL in addition to just
>>its domain
>>  *   extensions.gender
>>     *   The gender of the author
>> What are everyone¹s thoughts?
>> Thanks,
>> Robert Douglas

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