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From Bill Christian <>
Subject Re: New Generalized Extensions for ActivityStreams Schema
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2014 00:17:04 GMT
Not a fan of a generic 'extensions' collection. I have, though, found
use in defining entities collection for items referenced in the
content section. The style mimics the approach from messaging
schema. From your examples, this would only address hashtags,
mentions, and urls. The gender of the author should be a custom
attribute on the actor or object. However, an example might clarify.
Aren't rebroadcasts consider downstreamDuplicates?

On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 12:20 PM, Robert Douglas [W2O Digital]
<> wrote:
> I¹m working on mocking up the new schema at the moment, but Œextensions¹
> would become a new top-level element in the json structure. Each of the
> proposed extensions would then be a sub-element in that Œextensions¹
> element.
> On 4/29/14, 11:12 AM, "James M Snell" <> wrote:
>>In this proposal, how would these manifest in the json structure?
>>On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 8:57 AM, Robert Douglas [W2O Digital]
>><> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Given that there are certain attributes that are similar across
>>>multiple social media feeds (ie. A Œlike¹ on Facebook, Œfavorite¹ on
>>>twitter, and Œ+1¹ on Google+ are all equivalent) I think it makes sense
>>>to break these out into generalized extensions. I¹d like to propose the
>>>following extensions:
>>>  *   extensions.hashtags
>>>     *   An array that holds an entry for each unique hashtag mentioned
>>>in a post
>>>  *   extensions.likes.perspectival
>>>     *   A boolean field that denotes whether or not this post was
>>>favorited by another user
>>>  *   extensions.likes.count
>>>     *   The total number of likes a post received
>>>  *   extensions.rebroadcasts.perspectival
>>>     *   Whether or not this post was rebroadcasted
>>>  *   extensions.rebroadcasts.count
>>>     *   The total number of rebroadcasts this post received
>>>  *   extensions.rebroadcasts.users
>>>     *   An array that holds an entry for each user that rebroadcasted
>>>this post
>>>  *   extensions.user_mentions
>>>     *   An array that holds an entry for each user that is mentioned in
>>>this post
>>>  *   extensions.urls
>>>     *   An array that holds an entry for each URL that is mentioned in
>>>this post. Each entry would have both the raw URL in addition to just
>>>its domain
>>>  *   extensions.gender
>>>     *   The gender of the author
>>> What are everyone¹s thoughts?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Robert Douglas

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