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From Jason Letourneau <>
Subject Re: Use of ActiveMQ
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2013 20:13:21 GMT
Performance more than anything for passing between components but also
for advanced messaging patterns or systems that might be interested in
wiretapping the JMS queues - http would lock us into point to point
messaging between all the components, though I guess you could just
add multiple outbound routes for http...

On Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 3:18 PM, Danny Sullivan <> wrote:
> Hey Everyone,
> Is there a reason to use ActiveMQ in Streams at all? I noticed the following in the streamsCamelContext.xml:
> <!--split activities on Q, waiting for aggregation -->        <route>   
        <from uri="direct:activityQ"/>            <inOnly uri="activemq:queue:activities"/>
>         <route>            <from uri="activemq:queue:activities"/>      
     <aggregate completionInterval="500" groupExchanges="true">                <correlationExpression>
                   <constant>true</constant>                </correlationExpression>
               <bean ref="activityService" method="receiveExchange"/>            </aggregate>
> I replace this with the following and got the same functionality:
> <!--split activities on Q, waiting for aggregation -->        <route>   
        <from uri="direct:activityQ"/>            <aggregate completionInterval="500"
groupExchanges="true">                <correlationExpression>                   
<constant>true</constant>                </correlationExpression>      
         <bean ref="activityService" method="receiveExchange"/>            </aggregate>
> This makes sense conceptually because what we currently have is a POST method reaching
the server and being sent to the same server via JMS. Is there a reason to use a messaging
system rather than have the streams sent and received via http? Either Camel or Spring MVC
should be able to accomplish this. What I'd like to do is set up single endpoints for publisher
registration, subscriber registration, publishing streams, and receiving streams in Camel
(because Storm unfortunately doesn't look like it provides support for http routing). Storm
would process all the data coming in from Camel and output it to the Cassandra DB. Receiving
streams would operate much in the same way it currently does: by refreshing the stream from
the database.
> Danny

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