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From "Steve Blackmon [W2O Digital]" <>
Subject Re: Integration with Storm and Cassandra Java Driver
Date Tue, 27 Aug 2013 17:30:44 GMT
Storm can make a great execution container for Streams.  W2O has used
Storm Trident for many use cases in Apache Streams roadmap and we are
interested in developing this aspect of streams.

We currently use Kafka as our primary queuing and mid-stream persistence
mechanism.  It works fine, when in general all messages follow a linear
progression from source to sink through a stream.  We haven¹t needed
complex forking conditions or multi-module pub/sub yet - in those cases
Cassandra can support queries which will ease implementation vs Kafka.

As we look at client libraries for Cassandra, here¹s another contender.
Intravert runs alongside C* on each node, exposes a very simple rest API,
and lets the client specify script-like conditions that get evaluated
within the C* cluster as result sets are prepared.  I have a lot of
respect for the Datastax team, but I think CQL has gone somewhat off the
rails and CQL 3 isn¹t the best way to take advantage of what Cassandra is
good at.

Steve Blackmon
Director, Data Sciences
W2O Group
101 W. 6th Street Suite 330
Austin, Texas 78701
cell 512.965.0451 | work 512.402.6366
twitter @steveblackmon

On 8/27/13, 11:19 AM, "Danny Sullivan" <> wrote:

>The Storm Project,, would add processing of
>ActivityStreamsEntry objects to Apache Streams (make it faster). Storm
>has integration support for Cassandra. There is an available Java Driver
>to hook up Storm and Cassandra available here:
> While I think it is a good
>idea to add Storm to Streams, Cassandra recommends using CQL3 as an
>interface from applications to the database which moves away from older
>thrift clients: These
>older thrift clients include Astyanax and Hector (I have had experience
>incorporating both into the project, with varied success). The newer
>client which relies on CQL3 support is the Datastax Java Driver:
> I've looked into the Datastax
>driver and have been very pleased with the CQL support. However, it is
>not very far along in the development process and doesn't have an object
>mapper and I'm cautious adopting a product so early in its development.
>If we were to integrate Storm and Streams would we want to use the
>storm-cassandra driver or should we look into adding the Datastax driver
>which has better CQL support?

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