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From Jason Letourneau <>
Subject Streams Maven Project Structure Breakdown and Code Request
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2012 14:45:03 GMT
All -

I thought I would give a break-down of the current Maven project to
clarify what I envisioned going into each module/build/etc. and invite
the lists' feedback.  Also, I remember some discussion about java classes...James?  Did you have some code you
were looking to contribute along these lines?  Anybody else?  We've
got some classes we used internally, but they aren't through our
public release process...we could use if nobody else has
anything...anyways, a break down below:

streams-eip-routes: contains Camel xml routes that are packaged as a
war.  This could be hot deployed to servicemix or packaged with
streams-web for a servlet container or applications server deployment.

streams-osgi-components: contains OSGI compliant java modules.  Each
module is packaged as an osgi bundle jar.  A uber-jar
(streams-components) is also built that contains all of the components
for packaging with streams-web.  Each module could be hot deployed to

streams-web: contains streams-eip-routes, streams-components.jar,
camel web interface, and possibly a streams web interface.
Specifically for servlet contain/application server deployment.



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